Former Salesforce Marketing Cloud Executive Ed Frederici Joins Terminus as CTO

Building the B2B marketing platform of the future is no small feat. That’s why I’ve hired a CTO who’s done it before. I am so excited to welcome Ed Frederici to the Terminus Nation as our new CTO.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Ed before when he was the CTO of ExactTarget, which went on to become the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. There’s no one better at taking audacious ideas and turning them into elegant, scalable product solutions. He’s had more than 18 years of doing it in enterprise companies like Cheetah Digital, Pacers Sports & Entertainment, SallieMae, and innovative hyper growth startups like ChaCha. From bleeding-edge technology to managing global workforces, Ed is going to bring start-up agility and enterprise-grade leadership to the Terminus team.

I appreciate how Ed said it best: “I have long admired Terminus’ vision and commitment to building the most modern B2B marketing platform available. Just as I experienced during my time with Salesforce, marketing is undergoing another massive shift, and Terminus is truly building something special at exactly the right time. I am thrilled to be joining this team.”

Simply put: Terminus has a colossal vision for the future of B2B and Ed Frederici is uniquely poised to deliver it to our customers. That’s why we recently rolled out Terminus Engagement Hub and a new ABM integration with Pardot. Now, we’re the only all-in-one full-funnel ABM platform that combines powerful data and attribution capabilities with advertising, email, web, and chat experiences all connected in one single hub. And, we’re just getting started.

As we welcome Ed to the team, I’m excited to announce a few organizational shifts to our executive team: Bryan Wade, who was Sigstr’s CEO, joined Terminus as our Chief Customer Officer. He oversaw two quarters of record-breaking customer growth and satisfaction and, now, I’ve assigned him his next big challenge as our Chief Product Officer– a role he’s very comfortable with as the former CPO of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Our Customer Success department will now roll up to our CRO, Tim Satterwhite, who will be building on the foundation Bryan Wade created for us. And I’m extraordinarily excited to announce that Bryan Brown, one of MarTech’s most insightful visionaries, will be helping us build the next generation B2B Marketing Platform as our new Chief Strategy Officer.

As I look at our executive team, I’m in awe at the level of talent and leadership they bring to our company. But, we recognize there’s more to do. Keep your eyes on Terminus for announcements around the Diversity and Inclusion efforts we’re making progress on, as well as additional announcements about the growth of our team.