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Go-to-Market Framework

When an organization is introducing a new product, service, or even company, to the market, it needs a go to market framework. A go to market framework provides a process by which the organization is able to introduce the marketed object to its audience. Having the right go to market framework is incredibly important; without it, the product may not be able to be successfully sold.

So, how does the go to market strategy definition differ from any other marketing strategy? A go to market plan checklist is going to include finding and reaching an audience to a degree that isn’t necessary with an established product. When you go to market, you encounter different barriers; people aren’t aware of the product yet and need to be made aware, and it’s not always clear who the audience for the product will be before the strategy has been thoroughly developed.

While companies will always have a target audience during development, during the go to market strategy steps the audience becomes more refined. There are many companies who have created products and services only to discover, during their go to market checklist template, that needs have changed, that customers have shifted, or that the industry has pivoted. A go to market framework can consequently be used as a refresher for any of these concerns, allowing the company to make adjustments before they start developing market presence.

The most important thing for a go-to-market framework, like any marketing strategy, is that the company be very aware of what it needs to do to successfully sell its product, and know which metrics it has to hit.

Components of Go-to-Market Strategy

Before you build a go to market strategy, you need to know about its components. One of the most important components of go to market strategy building is the go to market strategy slide. The slide deck is a first step to combining ideas, thoughts, and feedback. You can use it as a resource to organize your thoughts then put together a high-level strategy from there. A go to market strategy slide gives your organization everything it needs to start building upon the foundation.

How do you get started? You can begin with a B2B go to market strategy PPT template or a go to market plan template PPT. With this slide in hand, you can educate other team members within the organization, get help executing strategy, and pitch to people outside of the organization. The initial slide deck can be used for sales and marketing to interface and find out critical information about what has to be done next. The slide deck can also be presented to founders, presidents, and CEOs to use with venture capitalists and investors.

The Go to Market Strategy PPT is going to be the foundation of the rest of the strategy, so it has to align with all of the organization’s interests. A go to market strategy slide pitch deck or go to market strategy template PPT can be found for similar products and industries, but it still needs to be modified; a go to market strategy template PPT free download alone cannot form the basis of the strategy. Once the organization has developed its GTM strategy PPT, it can use its own GTM strategy template PPT for its marketing in the future.

Go-to-Market Strategy Framework

What’s the difference between a go to market strategy framework and a go to market strategy template? A framework gives you everything you need to create a go to market strategy plan. A template can be simple or complex, depending on where it’s sourced from and how it’s built out. So, while a strategy template will always be a type of framework, it may not always have everything that’s needed for the framework. It can be the same thing, if it’s suitably complex.

Either way, both a go to market plan template and a GTM strategy template framework is simply a set of steps to get from point A to B. It’s designed as a sort of checklist for an organization that is moving toward market. The hope is that every part of the company’s advertising journey will be covered. And while you can get a go to market strategy template free or a go to market strategy template Excel download, it’s usually best to modify it for your organization.

With the go to market strategy template, you can start to build the framework. A framework should have every critical component to a plan, because otherwise it won’t be able to account for all variables or count all metrics. You can start with a strategy template and then ask questions about the development and the journey, using it as a jumping off point. Other templates may be quite comprehensive and you may actually need to pare it down to create a reasonable template for your organization.

GTM Framework

A GTM framework is often best developed by first looking at a go to market plan example. Companies that have already launched products or services can take a look at go to market strategy examples from their own business. Companies that are going to market as a new business can look at a B2B go to market strategy example within their industry. Deeper, a go to market strategy case study can really look in-depth into what worked and didn’t work.

Examples are a great way to more intuitively understand why a GTM strategy is important and what works and doesn’t work. A go to market strategy example PDF or GTM strategy example of a similar business model will include things that did work along with common pitfalls. This gives the organization more to start with before they begin their planning. Of course, every GTM strategy example or go to market strategy PDF may not be strictly applicable. It’s important that the organization really dig into what their company is doing currently and what has worked in the past.

The GTM framework is going to provide the basics for the organization. But it’s looking at examples that really gives the organization realistic metrics and benchmarks to hit. This will show the organization what other companies have done in the past and the level of success that they can theoretically hope to achieve. Further, the organization will then be able to tell if something isn’t working correctly, or if they potentially need to make other adjustments to their marketing strategies. Altogether, it improves the amount of data the organization has on which to make critical decisions.

GTM Strategy Framework

What are some sources to go to if you’re looking for a GTM strategy framework? There are many organizations that have a wealth of data regarding successful GTM strategies: McKinsey Consulting, Harvard Business Review, Boston Consulting Group, and Bain Consulting are a few.

Each has their own types of framework. You can download a Go to Market Strategy McKinsey outline or just the strategic go to market framework McKinsey advice and learn more about how professionals within their organization advise businesses. The go to market strategy framework McKinsey may differ from the go to market strategy framework HBR, so you may want to compare the two. Download a go to market strategy McKinsey PDF or go to market strategy McKinsey PPT and condense it into the main points, and then compare these points to a go to market strategy HBR or go to market framework BCG; this will show you how they may differ in terms of philosophy. And a go to market strategy BCG or Bain might be better or worse depending on if your organization is a B2B or B2C.

But a go to market strategy framework BCG or go to market strategy Bain Consulting are both likely to be extremely comprehensive. Whether you get your strategic information from McKinsey, HBR, BCG, or Bain, you will get in-depth information. You will also be able to see the similarities between the strategies, which should highlight the most important pillars of such a strategy. The areas in which these organizations diverge may depend on what size of business you have and your industry, but the core tenets of a GTM strategy framework will usually not change.

In addition to frameworks and templates, these organizations have a wealth of information regarding common questions organizations might have about their GTM strategy, new technologies they can use, and general philosophies they may want to follow as they develop their marketing and educate their sales departments.

New Market Strategy Framework

You can only do so much with templates. While a template or framework is the place to start, you’re going to have to develop a new market strategy framework from there. A startup organization is going to look different from an established enterprise. A B2B go to market strategy is significantly different from a B2C strategy.

Startups should look for a go to market strategy for startups PPT. The organization isn’t just selling a product or service; they’re selling itself. That means the go to market strategy for startups template is going to be far different. When it comes to go to market strategy for startups, startups need to be creative and innovative in order to stand out. There are many startups today and very many of them are not able to successfully navigate their go to market phase.

Likewise, a B2B go to market strategy for an established business is going to concentrate on leveraging the organization’s existing reputation, something that a startup wouldn’t have yet established. A B2B sale is just as much about the product and service as it is about continued relationships with the business. A B2C go to market strategy, on the other hand, differs; customers are often less interested in establishing relationships with a business and more interested in what the product or service could do for them.

Either way, it’s important to have a tailored strategy that is designed for the business. The more detailed a go to market strategy is, the more likely any company is to succeed.