Product Updates

March Product Release: Web Personalization, Scorecard Trends, Lead-To-Account Mapping, and More

When you’re scaling ABM, you need to be able to own the end-to-end digital story for every relevant customer, integrate account intelligence into everything you do and every system you use, and report on the right types of metrics.

The Terminus March release is designed to help you own and align more of the digital experience, bring account-level intelligence into every demand effort (even if it’s not ‘account based’), and deliver more of the reporting you need with trended scorecard metrics, an all-new advertising metrics page, and a native Google Analytics integration.

Let’s dive in!

End-To-End Digital Storytelling

Simple Account-Based Web Personalization

As B2B marketers, we spend (lots) of time creating landing pages to point campaigns to. But those pages are only seen when someone clicks (~2% of the time on average). What happens the other 98% of the time? And what about the other people in an account who didn’t click on an ad – what do they see?

With the recent release of view-through tracking capabilities, we also learned that up to 85% of traffic influenced by account-based advertising is coming to your website from another channel (like direct or organic) – not through a direct ad click. And all those visits miss the tailored experience that you carefully crafted for them on your ad landing page.

Terminus Web Personalization allows you to align messaging from your ads to your entire website through simple overlays. You can leverage Terminus firmographics to deliver an uber-personalized experience to everyone who hits your homepage – whether it’s tailored to a broad segment like industry or customized to an individual account.

Terminus web personalization is super simple to set up and just as easy to manage with a drag-and-drop editor. Use it for the same audiences you’re targeting today with advertising!

Terminus Web Personalization Examples

Email Signature Marketing

Unify your messaging across the open web, your owned website, and the inbox with email signature marketing. With Sigstr, we’re giving marketers the ability to centrally control the email signatures of their employees while also promoting dynamic, personalized content to your most engaged audiences by way of a high-volume owned marketing channel: the inbox.

Here’s why you should add employee email as an ABM channel:

  • Event Promotion: Deliver event invitations within every 1-to-1 email sent by your company. Ensure they go to the right audience, and boost registrations.
  • Content distribution: Drive more content views and newsletter sign-ups through every email your employees send.
  • Aligned sales messaging: Keep sales aligned with your campaigns by staying front-and-center in their inbox. You can even run internal-only campaigns to make sure your market-facing teams know what’s most important.
  • Simple brand management: Align and standardize every employee’s email signature while also keeping it relevant.

Analyze Like a Pro

Now You Can Easily See Trends in Your Scorecard Metrics

Hitting a number is great, but marketers need to know how they’re trending in order to know if they’re getting better or worse at getting accounts engaged, progressing deals, and winning business.

They also need to understand how ABM KPIs, like engagement, impact the bottom line to fully communicate the value of their programs to the business.

We’ve added trended views to the ABM Scorecard so you and your team can answer critical questions such as:

  • Do engaged accounts deliver more pipeline and revenue than unengaged accounts?
  • Am I creating more opportunities/pipeline/revenue from target accounts over time?
  • Are my acceleration campaigns shortening deal cycles over time?

These and many more answers are now available with a click, instead of hours of spreadsheet jockeying.

Account-Based Metrics Straight to Google Analytics

Marketers can now leverage Terminus account-level data, such as industry or individual account name, as a custom dimension in Google Analytics. Go beyond understanding which accounts are on your website and see how users engage by segment by combining Terminus’ account-level anonymous traffic identification with the deep insights of Google Analytics.

Other Measurement Enhancements

By popular demand, we’ve overhauled the tactic details view, unlocking faster, more organized reporting, including the ability to see accounts that weren’t matched in a tactic. Trended advertising metrics are now easier to see as well.

While we know that the first stage in an account-based funnel is getting high-fit accounts engaged, we get that engagement doesn’t look the same for every company. With this update, you now have the option to tweak the engagement score in the Scorecard to filter by intent, CRM marketing touches, anonymous web visits and engagement spikes.

Account Intelligence in More Places

Lead-To-Account Mapping in Salesforce

Marketers are moving toward ABM solutions, but most of us still live in an (at least partially) lead-based world. We’re now using Terminus’ Account Graph to surface account membership on leads in your CRM. This makes it possible to align sales development by automatically routing leads from target accounts to the right reps, and surfacing account-level intelligence (like engagement data) on the lead object. This opens up improved sales prioritization, even for reps who aren’t working “target accounts,” and lets you create lead-based reports and workflows using account data.