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September 2, 2015

Focus Sales Reps on Revenue-Driving Activities

According to many research reports, the average salesperson spends less than half of their day actually selling. In fact, according […]

August 12, 2015

What an incredible day for Sigstr!

In the span of just 24 hours we are: Launching Sigstr to the public Announcing Sigstr as a High Alpha […]

August 7, 2015

Take a load off: Leverage employee email volume to distribute content

  Your employees use email on a daily basis to contact countless individuals throughout the course of their days. With […]

March 18, 2015

‘Heads Up’ – Sigstr and Your Company

Looking for a message to allow for you to share Sigstr with all of your colleagues? Please see below for […]

February 11, 2015

Email Signatures + Marketing: A Love Story

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, let’s explore a marketer’s relationship with the corporate email signature. Like a grade school […]