The Top 40 Account-Based Marketing Superheroes

Meet the Account-Based Marketing Superheroes! Here’s a look at the most impressive B2B marketing mavens in the ABM world.

The complete list of account-based marketing superheroes includes B2B marketing and demand generation thought-leaders as well as practitioners who are putting ABM theory into practice at their own organizations.

“These superheroes are truly the trailblazers of account-based marketing,” says Terminus CMO and co-founder, Sangram Vajre. “They’re taking ABM from beyond being a buzzword to proving its impact on growing revenue.”

The Terminus ABM Superheroes have made the shift from traditional lead generation to focus on the companies, or accounts, that are the best fit for their business. Account-based marketing allows B2B marketers to work in tandem with their sales team to support the revenue goals of their business.

“While account-based marketing is not a new idea, these ABM Superheroes are challenging the status quo by redefining the concept to use marketing technology to engage their contacts at scale. Instead of blasting that same message to thousands of people, our superheroes are able to personalize content and campaigns for the right accounts,” Vajre said. “These are the B2B marketing rockstars who know what it takes to go beyond being a ‘one-night stand’ marketer.”

To be included in the league of ABM Superheroes, these B2B marketers have successfully:

  • Targeted the right accounts based on their ideal customer profiles (ICP) or persona criteria.
  • Engaged accounts in the most meaningful and personalized way possible on multiple channels such as mobile, social, display, and video.
  • Accelerated opportunities down the marketing and sales pipeline while building long-term relationships to create customer advocates.

“We had a hard time narrowing down the list to just 40 people because there are so many brilliant B2B marketers out there,” Vajre explained, “but our superheroes, especially our customers, are truly leading change in their organizations by testing account-based strategies and tactics in the marketplace.”

Here’s the complete list of the Top 40 Account-Based Marketing Superheroes.

1. Adam New-Waterson, CMO, LeanData
2. Adam Polaszewski, Director of Demand Generation, Support.com
3. Adam von Reyn, VP of Growth Marketing, InsightSquared
4. Alexsandro Labbate, Director of Corporate Marketing, ClickSoftware
5. Anthony Kennada, VP Marketing, Gainsight
6. Bassem Hamdy, EVP of Marketing, Procore
7. Caroline Alexander, Sr. Enterprise Marketing Manager, New Relic
8. Chad Giles, Creative Director, Connect Healthcare
9. Cheryl Hanley, Senior Director of Demand Generation, PGi
10. Christine Jennings, Director Campaign Marketing, Salesforce Data.com
11. Courtney Pierce, Director Demand Generation and Channel Marketing, Rapid 7
12. Emily Wingrove, Director of Marketing, Social123
13. Ganesh Venkatesh, Marketing and Growth Manager, Imgix
14. Gretchen Weaver, Digital Marketing Manager, Avere Systems
15. Hana Abaza, VP Marketing, Uberflip
16. Jeff Soriano, Sr. Director of Demand Generation, Offerpop
17. Jennifer Zember, Senior Director, Digital & Marketing Technology, PGi
18. Jenny Coupe, VP of Customer Acquisition, SOASTA
19. Jim Hopkins, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Salesforce
20. Jim Williams, VP of Marketing, Influitive
21. Joanne Chen, Marketing Campaigns Manager, Delphix
22. Joe Chernov, VP of Marketing, InsightSquared
23. Julia Stead, Director of Demand Generation, Invoca
24. Kaitlin Stich, Sr. Marketing Manager, Kenna Security
25. Lindsay Becker, Marketing Manager, Bullhorn
26. Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing
27. Matt Senatore, Service Director for ABM, SiriusDecisions
28. Megan Heuer, Vice President of Research, SiriusDecisions
29. Nate Hurst, ABM Manager, Domo
30. Noel Coleman, President, Connect Healthcare
31. Pat Oldenburg, Director, Digital Marketing and Operations, ServiceMax
32. Robert Israch, CMO, Tipalti
33. Sangram Vajre, CMO, Terminus
34. Sean Zinsmeister, Director of Product Marketing, Infer
35. Seth Redmore, CMO, Lexalytics
36. Stephanie Kelly, Director of Marketing Ops, Terminus
37. Tony Yang, VP of Demand Generation, Mintigo
38. Tyler Lessard, CMO, Vidyard
39. Vanessa Porter, Director of Marketing, SnapApp
40. Craig Rosenberg, Co-founder & Chief Analyst, TOPO

Terminus customers who are ABM practitioners run the gamut from C-suite executives devising account-based strategies to tactical managers who are responsible for day-to-day activities such as launching marketing campaigns. Click here to view all the Top 40 ABM Superheroes.

Want to learn more about becoming an account-based marketing superhero? Get your copy of Sangram Vajre’s Account-Based Marketing For Dummies — and maybe you’ll be on our next Top 40 list!