The Framework for ABM Success

Everything you need in an account-based platform and more.

Terminus is the most complete ABM platform available. Find the right audiences, get relevant messages in front of them across every channel, measure performance on key metrics, and stay aligned with your sales team through the entire revenue journey – all from one place.

A Complete and Unique Data Foundation

Terminus gives marketing teams access to a deep B2B Account Database containing firmographic data on over 67 million businesses. With the broadest set of data available in any account-based platform at your fingertips, you can easily identify, segment, and build target account lists that can be used across Terminus– or anywhere else.

Own Every Point of Interaction

Terminus gives you the most ways to get your brand and message in front of exactly the right audiences even if they’re not in your database. You can also automate campaigns so that, as accounts move in and out of dynamic lists, they’re always getting the most relevant message from you. From display ads on the open web to dynamic ads in your employees’ one-to-one emails, Terminus puts your brand where it matters the most.

Turn Sales and Marketing Into One Team

Modern marketers don’t expect the right person at a target account to fill out a form– they work closely with sales to start those conversations at the right time. Terminus allows sales and marketing teams to work together to define account engagement. When accounts display increased engagement through clicks and web traffic, the sales team is alerted so they can start a meaningful conversation.

Lead-to-Account Matching

Terminus helps you keep your CRM clean and your customer-facing team organized with lead-to-account matching. By automatically converting leads in your CRM into contacts with accounts, you can understand your penetration with the buying committee and provide a more personalized experience to them.


"Terminus has demonstrated a remarkable ability to adjust and grow their platform to continue to provide best in class analytics and advertising. I've been a Terminus customer for the last 5 years (at three organizations), and I keep coming back to Terminus because of their platform's continuing strength in analytics and advertising, but also by their penchant for actually to listening to feedback and implementing it."

Full-Funnel Analytics

With Terminus you can see the entire revenue journey and how every sales and marketing touchpoint along the way added up to your program’s success. From holistic, board-level reporting all the way down to specific target account engagement, you can analyze sales and marketing’s performance from every angle.

Integrated Into Every Part of Your Techstack

Out integrations put Terminus at the core of your marketing program. Build dynamic segments that automatically respond to new data to orchestrate multi-channel campaigns across every channel.

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