Everything your go-to-market team needs in an account-based platform and more.

You’re here because you want to grow your company’s revenue, create a better customer experience, and do it all more efficiently. We help you by giving you the best data, the most channels, and the most robust analytics in one place.

Use Terminus to...


Create endlessly customizable and dynamic target account segments.


Create engagement with your segments with the most marketing channels in any single platform.


Activate your teammates through real-time alerts, account insights, and connected data.


Measure your entire go-to-market program from first touch to renewal.

So, how does Terminus work?

Terminus brings together marketing, sales, and customer success to optimize the entire go-to-market strategy and create amazing customer experiences. It all starts by connecting those teams with data.


A Complete and Unique Data Foundation

At the core of Terminus Data Studio is the deepest B2B Account Database available, containing the data on 70 million businesses. Layer in Terminus’ cutting-edge data capabilities and sync your own CRM and MAP data and you’ve got the ability to create razor sharp segments, instantly ready for all of your go-to-market activities.

3rd Party Data

Intent / Firmographic / Imported Data

1st Party Data

Relationships / Behavior

Dynamic Target Account Lists

Perfectly tailored account list, ready for personalized campaigns and sales outreach.


Now that you’ve created your audiences, you need to tell them your stories. Terminus gives you more ways to put your brand in front of exactly the right people, no matter where they are. You can fully automate your campaigns across multiple channels, creating a surround- sound experience that follows your audiences along their entire customer journey.


Bring Your Go-to-Market Team Together

ABM doesn’t stop with marketing– it requires your entire go-to-market team to work. Terminus brings together marketing, sales, and customer success through connected data.

With instant updates, automatic alerts, and real-time data synchronization between Terminus, your CRM and Marketing Automation, your entire company can understand how your most important accounts are engaging with your digital and human efforts. All with revenue as the north star to guide you.


Measure Everything Inside and Out

The most holistic and customizable analytics and attribution suite available is right inside of Terminus. The Terminus Measurement studio provides you with everything you need to understand how your go-to- market team is driving revenue.

From board-level ready reporting, right down to specific campaign performance, you can easily understand how sales and marketing are working together to generate pipeline and revenue.

Ready to get started?