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January 16, 2024

Resilient Sales Tactics: Leveraging Data to Navigate Rejection Effectively

In the world of sales, rejection is an inevitable part of the journey. Seasoned professionals understand that the path to success often winds through rejection, and it's the ability to navigate this landscape with resilience that sets exceptional sales people apart. But what fuels this resilience? Data. Harnessing the power of data, particularly first and third-party data,...

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December 4, 2023

The Game-Changer: The Power of Personalization in B2B Marketing

In the world of B2B marketing, by now we all know, the power of personalization is a table-stakes game changer. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all marketing campaigns that cast a wide net, hoping to catch a few fish. Today, most businesses have realized that to succeed in the highly competitive B2B landscape, they need to tailor...

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November 27, 2023

How to Use Terminus’ AI-Driven ICP Prompt Library to Build Audience Segments

In our latest webinar, "Powering Revenue Growth with AI-Driven ICP Refinement," led by Taylor Young, Director of Strategic Initiatives, and Kevin Hurley, Head of Revenue Operations, we explored the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in enhancing Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP). The session highlighted how AI significantly improves the accuracy and efficiency of developing...

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November 20, 2023

Unlocking ABM’s Financial Potential: A CFO’s Guide

In today's economic landscape, the CFO’s responsibilities go beyond just balancing the books; they play a pivotal role in steering the company's financial ship through turbulent waters. In an era marked by uncertainty and economic challenges, CFOs are tasked with safeguarding financial stability while ensuring that every financial decision aligns with the company's overarching objectives. Meaning, many...

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November 14, 2023

The Vital CMO-CFO Relationship

Efficiency has become the business watchword of 2023. For brand marketers, previously measured on nearly impossible to quantify metrics like impressions and visibility, this is a new challenge. In contrast, digital and demand gen marketers are nearly always responsible for pushing small (or large) marketing budgets to do more. This shifting dynamic requires strong collaboration in...

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November 10, 2023

Webinar Recap: Powering Revenue Growth with AI-Driven ICP Refinement

In our recent webinar, Powering Revenue Growth with AI-Driven ICP Refinement, led by our Director of Strategic Initiatives, Taylor Young, and Head of Revenue Operations, Kevin Hurley, we dived deep into the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in refining Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP).

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October 27, 2023

Webinar Recap: How to Leverage Intent Data for Pipeline and Revenue Growth

In our recent webinar with Brett Kahnke, Principal Analyst at Forrester, we breakdown the nuances and challenges of intent data and guides the audience along best practices and clear terms for success. Simply put, organizations using intent data are pulling ahead. For more insight on how to find intent data, check out Terminus' Field Guide to...

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October 17, 2023

Leveraging Account-Based Marketing and Advanced Tools to Optimize Marketing Strategies

In the dynamic world of go-to-market strategies, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and speed are paramount. In a recent video, Daniel Englebretson, Chief Customer Officer at Khronos discussed how he leveraged an Account Based Marketing (ABM) approach and advanced tools like ChatGPT to optimize marketing campaigns on platforms like LinkedIn.

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October 10, 2023

Customer Rockstar Spotlight: Rob Willingham from LexisNexis

Unlocking the Power of Precision: LexisNexis’ Innovative Approach to B2B Marketing with Terminus Rob Willingham is the Sr. Manager of Strategic Marketing at LexisNexis focused on the marketing strategy, implementation, and operations for the mid-sized law firm business segment. LexisNexis and ABM  LexisNexis is a...

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October 3, 2023

5 Fresh Social Media Tactics to Boost Your ABM Strategy

In an era where B2B brands leverage social media and account-based marketing (ABM) to revolutionize sales outcomes, many still miss […]

September 11, 2023

Cracking the Code: Crafting Your Own Account Scores for B2B Growth

Today we’re delving into the hidden complexities of account scores. The term “account score” might seem simple but trust us, […]

September 5, 2023

Three Ways to Leverage AI for ABM Strategies

For B2B marketers, executing an effective account-based marketing strategy has historically been an uphill battle fraught with roadblocks.  I’m a […]

September 1, 2023

Exploring the Future of B2B Marketing with Terminus CEO Andy Frawley

In a recent LinkedIn Live session, Taylor Young, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Terminus, sat down with newly appointed CEO […]

August 29, 2023

Terminus Appoints Andrew Frawley as Chief Executive Officer

Frawley brings three decades of operating and leadership experience for technology companies ATLANTA (August 29, 2023) – Terminus, a leading […]

August 15, 2023

Engineered Serendipity: Marketing and Sales Alignment made easy

Recently, my friend Sam moved to a home near the Indianapolis airport. When I was helping her move, I was […]

August 9, 2023

Webinar Recap: How Savvy Marketers Get CFO Buy-In

Securing financial approval for marketing strategies is often a significant hurdle for marketing professionals. This challenge was the focus of […]

June 14, 2023

Forrester B2B Summit 2023: Accelerating Growth through Customer-Obsessed Strategies and Emerging Technologies

Forrester’s B2B Summit North America proved to be an invaluable gathering for B2B sales, marketing, and product leaders. With a […]

April 6, 2023

How ABM Programs Can Breathe New Life Into Your CRM

Let’s talk about your CRM platform. It’s the #1 tool for your go-to-market team to build pipeline and drive revenue, […]