Terminus Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Improve CRM data accuracy and discover new buying committees.

While data usage and spending is exploding, only 12% of B2B marketers have confidence in their data. B2B CRM data is painfully inaccurate and incomplete, and manual efforts to clean, deduplicate and activate are slow and expensive. This leads to poor conversion rates, an incomplete view of buying committees, and misleading ROI.

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The Terminus CDP solves all these problems, with a complete suite of solutions including audit, cleanse, enrich, and data management backed by the industry’s largest global network of decision makers and Buying Committees. With Terminus CDP, GTM teams will dramatically improve data accuracy, campaign effectiveness, and reduce wasted sales cycles—all driven by our always-on, 1st-party sourced network of decision makers and buying committees.



How accurate is my data?


We'll identify your CRM data problems



My CRM data is inaccurate


We'll fix your CRM and GTM data problems



I'm missing buyer and account data within my target ICP


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I can't maintain data accuracy over time


Scale and manage your data intelligence to drive all GTM

Data Audit

All the insight you need to understand the data gaps within your target accounts - accurate & in real-time, in a single place.

Get a Health Check on your most critical account and contact data

Compare your data accuracy against B2B Industry benchmarks to get a complete picture of target accounts and buying committees.

Shine a light on your biggest data challenges

Understand your CRM data gaps to ensure effective GTM campaigns and limit waste.

Eliminate manual data cleansing efforts

Reduce time spent with manual de-duplication and merging of account lists (events, content syndication lists, etc.)

Terminus Cleanse

Continuously cleanse your essential GTM data including accounts, buying committees, and brand hierarchies. No more manual scrubbing.

Persistently validate and enrich any account and contact list

Make sure your data will always be accurate and up to date - regardless of where it was originally sourced.

Accurate contact and lead validation and enrichment at scale

Ensure that data-dependent workflows are supported with accurate and actionable data.

Quality with quick turnaround time at scale

Eliminate manual data entry; save days and weeks of data scrubbing time—deduping, modifying, and reformatting

Automate Buying Committees Across the Global Within Your Target Accounts

Key contact identification with enriched information within target account lists.

Terminus Enrich

Discover new buyers at your target accounts and automatically fix data inaccuracies. Gain the confidence that all your GTM systems are using the most accurate, up-to-date data.

Save time and eliminate manual data entry

Dramatically reduce wasted sales cycles—no more searching for contacts and accurate data about your target accounts.

Improve marketing campaign effectiveness and outreach for ABM programs

Improve target audience segmentation and campaign effectiveness with accurate, trusted CRM data.

Terminus Manage

Continuously maintain consistent data integrity across your target accounts and buying committees with always-on, persistent Universal IDs.

One trusted record for all your downstream systems

New CRM data is continuously validated and cleansed so all downstream systems will benefit from ongoing data accuracy and a single trust record in your CDP

Proactively manage new data sources with Data Prep

Preview and manage new data sources, which will impact your data accuracy and CDP with powerful data prep tools in an intuitive self-service user interface

Segment and send data with SmartLists and Workflows

Create target segments with robust filters and schedule recurring updates to downstream systems with workflows

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