The strategy behind creating, accelerating, and closing more pipeline.

In addition to the Terminus platform and product features, a strategy and framework will allow you to easily get started and start seeing results. This page and our team are here to help every step of the way! Scroll below to access our top resources for ABM and pipeline strategy.

Use Terminus to…


Take action to grow your pipeline.


Execute more effective multi-channel campaigns.


Run account-based marketing at scale.

Take Action to Grow Your Pipeline:

What’s the difference between prospecting-based ABM with intent vs. engagement-based ABM with target accounts? Proactively engaging your target accounts allows marketers to create more pipeline.

Target Accounts

Target account & engagement based ABM

  • Intent and target accounts
  • Proactive engagement
  • Marketing activities drive pipeline
  • Full-funnel engagement

Intent & prospecting based ABM

  • Primarily ‘intent’ accounts
  • Reactive engagement
  • Sales is the primary driver
  • Top funnel focus

Native Multi-Channel is More Effective

Creating connected account experiences increases intent, engagement, and drives more pipeline. Top marketers today use these channels together:

Digital Advertising

  • Proactive Display
  • Retargeting
  • LinkedIn
  • Premium Audio / Video


  • AI chatbots on website
  • Chat From Anywhere™ for each sales team member
  • Automatic routing to appropriate team member
  • Calendar and scheduling
Terminus Chat screenshot

Web Personalization

  • Fly-in, modal, or embedded CTAs
  • Target by audience or account with personalized CTAs


  • Gsuite & O365
  • Outreach & Salesloft
  • 1:1 personalization

ABM at scale means better marketing

Marketing teams who execute personalized campaigns with more relevant content, messaging, and insight prove to be the most successful. ABM and better marketing doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated, get started today with these helpful resources.

Execute Your Strategy With the T.E.A.M. Framework

Target the right accounts

Combine and connect all of your data in one place to easily create and manage segmented lists of accounts. Data sources to use for this include the Terminus Account Database, G2 Crowd, Bombora intent data, relationship data, and firmographic data.

Engage across every channel

Now it’s time to get your brand in front of these targeted accounts and the right stakeholders, no matter where they are. This works best when you fully automate your campaigns across multiple channels so you create a connected account experience. Top channels for this include display advertising, retargeting, conversational marketing, web personalization, email signature marketing, and LinkedIn advertising.

Activate your teammates

Bring marketing, sales, customer success, and your leadership team together through connected data. Understand how your most important accounts are engaging with your brand. Notify the right team members anytime an account clicks on an ad, email banner, or visits a particular page on the website. Use contact-level intent and relationship data to tailor your outreach or follow-up.

Measure everything

It’s important to understand how your revenue team is creating, accelerating, and closing more pipeline. From board-level reporting to specific campaign performance, use the right metrics and KPIs for faster, data-driven decisions. Optimize campaigns, provide actionable intel to sales, and improve the efficiency of your marketing spend.