#FlipMyFunnel Dynamic Duos: @_Annuitas, @PRNewsWire, @Vidyard and @Terminus

We are super pumped to announce our first round of breakout sessions for the #FlipMyFunnel B2B Marketing and Sales Conference in San Francisco on Feb. 25. Leading up to the event, we’ll post more blogs as sessions are announced and the agenda becomes more badass. The first round of account-based marketing (ABM) sessions we’re highlighting are from industry rockstars ANNUITAS, PR Newswire, Vidyard, and Terminus. Here are all the details.

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Building an Inbound and Multi-channel Account-Based Marketing Demand Generation Engine

Ken Wincko, SVP Marketing at PR Newswire, and Adam Needles, Chief Strategy Officer at ANNUITAS, will discuss how to leverage channel and content behaviors — together as part of a perpetual Demand Generation Program — to engage contacts at targeted accounts organically with the right message, at the right time, via the right channel, which will ultimately help to optimize the buyer’s journey (or critical path) by target segment, over time.

Too often volume “lead generation” is synonymous with lack of segmentation and shotgun tactics — as well as inefficiency. PR Newswire, partnering with ANNUITAS, has taken a different tack.  The company has developed an innovative, buyer-driven content and channel design model, which operates on a perpetual basis and has 100% sales and marketing alignment around a lead-to-revenue process.

The net result is PR Newswire is able to pursue an ABM strategy — being very thoughtful about the segments and personas it goes after — doing this in a scaled way and on a ‘buyer-pull’ basis. This means buyers own organic actions via inbound and other digital channels work together to educate and qualify the buyer — adjusting the talk track to the segment and persona — and tightly tying into lead qualification and sales pursuit.

The result has been a significant growth of targeted, demand generation-led revenue in 2015 and beyond, as well as a true, optimizable ‘engine’ for longer-term growth.

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How to Make Your Target Accounts Love the Fact You’re Targeting Them

You’ve built out the world’s greatest ABM strategy, and your sales and marketing teams are in LOVE with it. Cheers of joy fill the halls and you’re going to to double, no triple, your pipeline this year. But who’s more in love with your ABM plan – you, or your target customers? Will it really work to engage and inspire them to take action, or will it just piss them off to the point where they send you a cease and desist (yep, we had one of those). Have you ever thought about ABM from the perspective of your potential buyers? Huh.

See Tyler Lessard, CMO of the Vidyard marketing team and Eric Spett, CEO of Terminus team up to share how Vidyard has approached our their ABM strategy over the last 3 years, what we’ve learned along the way, and why we believe it’s so important to think through the experience from the customer’s point of view.

We’ll share what we’ve done right, what we’ve done wrong, how we turned a ‘cease and desist’ request into an onsite demo, and how we’ve gotten the sales team on board to create an ABM program so awesome that one prospect even scheduled a call with us, not to learn about our solution, but to discuss their own ABM strategy and how they could do it better.

While the discussion will focus strategy and approach, we will also touch on the technologies we use including Terminus, The Big Willow, Datanyze, Reachforce, Salesforce, and one bad-ass video marketing platform.

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We can’t wait to see you at #FlipMyFunnel in San Francisco. Check out the event page to learn more about our speakers and view the agenda. Join us maybe?

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