Flipping Funnels Weekly: 100 Million Data Points for ABM and a Complete ABM Guide

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This week brought us a lot of great articles about account-based marketing from some of the top thought leaders in the industry. A key theme of the articles is engagement. You’ll find content that shares best practices for engaging accounts on social media along with great ways to reach those key decision-makers through mobile email marketing. To round things out, we share a complete guide to ABM to help you plan your strategy and measure success.

1. 6 Key Strategies to Ramp Up Your B2B Marketing Success

ABM is all about focusing on how the B2B sales cycle has evolved over time. In this article by Michael Meyers, he breaks down different stages of ABM and relates them to B2B Marketing as a whole.

Flipping Points:

  • As prospects are doing research, be sure to create different types of content based on where they are in the buying cycle. Develop a mixture of content to help a buyer move seamlessly from awareness to price and product comparison, without any involvement from a sales rep until the prospect is ready to engage.
  • As customer purchase decisions are increasingly influenced by word of mouth and content marketing, social media is an ideal avenue to engage with prospects seeking education and peer recommendations.

Key Takeaway:

B2B marketers must make sure they are being relevant in the channels where a prospect is most likely to be searching.

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2. Clear and Complete Guide to Account-Based Marketing 

Engagio brings us a brand new ebook called The Clear and Complete Guide to Account-Based Marketing. In this book, you’ll get 124 pages of worksheets, charts, and thought leadership from ABM experts. Check out a few highlights from the book below!

Flipping Points:

  • Account-Based Marketing is a strategy that coordinates personalized marketing and sales efforts to open doors and deepen engagement at specific accounts
  • Account-Based Marketing focuses time and resources on accounts most likely to drive revenue. It’s a ‘zero-waste’ strategy that targets 100% of time, budget, and effort on the named accounts your company sees as having the greatest potential.

Key Takeaway:

Salespeople talk about accounts, they talk about customers…they dont talk about leads

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3. Over 100 million Data Points to Power Account-Based Marketing

This week, Terminus became the first ABM company to partner with Dun & Bradstreet. This partnership enables more than 100 million data points to flow into the Terminus ABM platform, which enables customers to target key decision-makers like never before!

Flipping Points:

  • The one thing that differentiates great ABM campaigns from the good ones can be summed up in one word: data.
  • Using Dun & Bradstreet’s data feed, Terminus accesses B2B data which is stored on the Terminus platform, eliminating the need for customers to download data to their CRM.

Key Takeaway:

Account-Based Marketing is gaining a ton of momentum and we’re excited to work with Terminus who has quickly become a leader in the ABM space.

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4. 5 Signs ABM Is a Smart Addition to Your Marketing Strategy

Account-based marketing isn’t a new concept, the technology available today makes the targeting of potential accounts easier than ever. As helpful as ABM is, it isn’t going to work for every organization. In this article by Chris Klinefelter, marketing manager at Technology Advice, we learn 5 ways to tell if ABM will work for you.

Flipping Points:

  • One lead who single-handedly approves large purchase decisions is every marketer and salesperson’s dream. But in many cases, decisions are made by larger buying groups, which means they will take longer and require a different kind of support.
  • The new league of ABM platforms give marketers the ability to target accounts by IP address, opportunity size, or sales stage and track engagement at a much more granular level

Key Takeaway: 

Lead generation focuses on marketing to individual leads, which doesn’t always account for the complexity of an enterprise purchase often made by a team of decision makers after months of consideration.

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5. 5 Social Media Advertising Tips for More Successful Campaigns

Social media is a great tool to engage prospective clients using ABM. In this article brought to us by Keran Smith, the CMO at Lyfe Marketing, we learn five tips to improve your Social Media advertising. We know that engagement leads to word of mouth which leads to more revenue, find out more on how to improve revenue in this article here.

Flipping Points:

  • Customers love getting access to discounts from brands that they follow on social media. Therefore, simply mention a discount in your social media ad and watch the results roll in.
  • Some of the best social media advertising advice you can get is to create multiple versions of an ad. To gain the most ROI from your advertising dollars, you will want to only run the top performing ad(s).

Key Takeaway:

You’re likely to earn the biggest returns from social media ads in comparison to other forms of paid online advertising.

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