Flipping Funnels Weekly: B2B Marketers Have an Opportunity with Account-Based Marketing

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This week’s round-up comes just 3 days before #FlipMyFunnel hits San Francisco for our sold out account-based marketing (ABM) and sales roadshow! We are excited to challenge the status quo of B2B Marketing and this week’s round-up shows it. We start with the ABM checklist you need to bring perfect marketing and sales alignment. After getting ready to become an ABM hero, we move to learning best practices on to building your target account list. We finally wrap it up with a fun ABM quiz to test your teams knowledge of marketing and sales alignment. Check them out below!

1.The Account-Based Marketing Checklist You Need to Successfully Navigate the Waters

This week’s round-up starts off with a must read account-based marketing article from B2C. In this article, Kelly Waffle does a great job at using a sinking ship metaphor to show how ABM can help your marketing team reach “smoother water”. Use this checklist to see where you can improve your teams chance at navigating the waters!

Flipping Points:

  • Make sure that your marketing strategy is charted out. There are a few different directions you can go with Account-Based Marketing.
  • ABM is a long term commitment, everyone has to be in it for the long haul to be effective and see the results.

Key Takeaway: 

ABM can be an extremely profitable voyage or it can be a costly shipwreck, it all depends on the level of planning, preparation, and focus.

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2. The Account-Based Sales and Marketing Movement

In this article by Alyson Stone, we look into the how ABM affects both the marketing and sales teams. By exploring the sales perspective on marketing’s involvement in the sales process, it helps us become more familiar with their needs. This article helps us move towards perfect marketing and sales alignment.

Flipping Points:

  • You can supply buyer-centric content that speaks to their specific challenges and pains; and you can do this at scale thanks to ABM!
  • With the right marketing process, you match relevant content to these prospects at the time they need it in the buying process

Key Takeaway:

The account-based movement is truly gaining steam in 2016. It is not a fad. It is the right way to think about your go-to-market strategy.

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3. How to create a segmentation strategy in account-based marketing

Markistry does a great job at breaking down how the way that we segment our possible customers have changed with the digital age. Check out this article to learn how B2B marketers can use the information that the internet gives us to find and target our ideal customer.

Flipping Points:

  • In an account-based marketing segmentation strategy, the overall definition of the segment should be based the needs and goals of the business.
  • B2B marketers need to follow an account-based marketing segmentation strategy and focus on an account, not an individual customer.

Key Takeaway:

Account-based marketing provides marketers with the ability to send their sales teams the type of fully qualified leads that will actually help them build and grow their accounts, which is much more valuable than handing them a random lead that downloaded a whitepaper

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4. B2B Marketers Have an Opportunity With Account-Based Marketing 

In this LinkedIn post by Madison Logic’s Nicholas Price, we explore how B2B marketers can use ABM to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing plan. Check out this article to learn what goes into executing a successful ABM plan.

Flipping Points:

  • Account-based marketing works best when sales and marketing can come together and take a big picture approach.
  • This new relationship with sales and marketing departments will help to reach prospects and leads at the right time in the marketing funnel with relevant content.

Key Takeaway:

Account-based marketing allows B2B marketers to build relationships with target audiences through campaigns and content.

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5. Are you an ABM Expert?

Check out this fun, quick ABM quiz to see if you’re ready to become an ABM hero! Thank you for all of the support and we look forward to seeing you in San Francisco for the largest ABM conference ever!

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