Flipping Funnels Weekly: Two Guys Walk Into a Bar, Talking About Account-Based Marketing

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This week brings us a variety of account-based marketing articles highlighting various stages of the funnel. A key theme of the articles is the real world application of ABM. You’ll find content that shares the advances that ABM made in 2015 as well as what led to companies making the switch.  To round things out, we share a couple of infographics that highlight the tools needed to run a successful ABM campaign.

1. Two Guys Walk Into a Bar, Talking About Account-Based Marketing

Don’t be surprised when you hear this at our next roadshow. In this blog post by David Thomas, Senior Director of Inbound Marketing at Leadspace, we see just how much noise ABM has made in 2015 and what makes it so well liked in the marketing community.

Flipping Points:

  • ABM is defined as “the coordination of personalized marketing and sales efforts to drive engagement at a targeted set of accounts.”
  • All marketers are trying to approach a level of immediacy and ability to solve a customer’s problem at the moment they’re ready for a solution.

Key Takeaway:

An ABM strategy considers all the influencers in the account, not just the one person who answered the phone.

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2.Why We Made the Switch to Account-Based Marketing 

2015 was the year that account-based marketing exploded and became a leading topic in the B2B Marketing world. In 2016, we can look forward to more articles that show the flaws of traditional lead-based marketing and the immediate changes that come when you switch over to ABM. This is a great article that shows what happens when you properly target your accounts.

Flipping Points:

  • An account-based approach allows small teams to better leverage their sales and marketing departments by working closely on small targets, rather than working separately in broad strokes.
  • Selecting target accounts can be time-intensive but being better prepared and more effective is clearly worth the extra time upfront.

Key Takeaway:

It was hard to see the forest of revenue through the trees of prospects but, when divided into targeted accounts, the picture becomes much clearer.

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3. Activate ABM: Intent-Driven Account-Based Marketing

There are many different strategies within ABM, and this article gives you a look at an interesting perspective; intent data. Intent-driven ABM focuses on the timing of your advertisements to reach decision makers when they are in-market to buy. Learn more in this article and video by Jeffrey Buddle and the team at Madison Logic.

Flipping Points:

  • Intent data can help you reach accounts you already know plus those that you don’t know yet.
  • Targeting not only the decision makers in the right department but also when they are in-market for your products, that’s what Intent data strives to accomplish.

Key Takeaway:

Intent data reveals precisely what topics are most important to your prospects, allowing you to serve exactly the right message to the right people at the right time

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4. New Tactics and Tools for Account-Based Marketing

If you happened to miss our Boston #FlipMyFunnel Roadshow then you’re in for a treat! Kathryn Roy, Managing Partner at Precision Thinking, gives us a recap of Jon Miller’s presentation showing the most recent technology that enables us to be more efficient using ABM.

Flipping Points:

  • Selling big contracts with long sales cycles and complex buying processes is more like traveling in winter. Getting from one sales stage to another requires navigating complex organizations and is rarely a straight shot.
  • There are many emerging ABM vendors and they all fit together to facilitate account-based marketing.

Key Takeaway: 

The essence of aligning sales and marketing when it comes to account based marketing is switching focus from quantity to quality

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5. 9 Killer Benefits of Account Based Marketing

Our roundup wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t offer an infographic to show you just how successful ABM is. In this article, you not only get that but you also learn how someone who has been in B2B marketing for decades see’s the benefits of ABM. Check out the infographic today!

Flipping Points:

  • By pairing the feedback provided by sales teams with the resources used by marketing, you’re able to deliver personalized, targeted campaigns to valuable accounts, raising your chances of landing sales.
  • The account-based approach is a great way to boost your bottom line – the efforts of your sales team are focused on the accounts most likely to result in sales, rather than wasting time chasing dead ends

Key Takeaway:

Combining the skills and knowledge of sales and marketing departments generates higher quality leads and boost conversion rates.

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