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Conversational Marketing

What is conversational marketing — and what are its advantages? Conversational marketing may be known as live chat, chatbots, website chat, or anything similar. Whether AI-driven or human-driven, it’s the art of marketing through a text-based conversation. Conversation in digital marketing is one of the best and most effective ways to secure a sale — and it’s part of a modern account-based marketing strategy.

Today, the state of conversation marketing is incredibly optimistic. Conversational marketing trends and conversational marketing statistics show that conversational marketing is not only here to stay, but likely to become more popular and mainstream as the main marketing channel for B2B companies.

People like to converse, whether they’re conversing with their phone’s AI system or they’re conversing with a human remotely. Most people want to be able to ask a simple question, such as “What is this product’s warranty?” and have it answered. Many people will self-service with artificial intelligence over connecting with a person — and many people will self-service with a live chat agent over speaking over the phone.

For a business, conversational marketing fulfills a few purposes. First, it engages with the customer one-on-one, making them more likely to make a purchase. When AI is used, it automates part of the buyer’s journey, securing and scoring leads early on. When human chat is used, it makes it possible for chat personnel to handle multiple sales at once and streamlines the sales process. In both cases, the chat can collect information into a central repository such as a Customer Relationship Management platform.

Customers love conversational marketing because it makes their lives easier and their connections with companies more direct. Companies love conversational marketing because it can be thoroughly streamlined and automated, scoring leads better and securing leads better than other traditional marketing methods. But it does come at a price; companies need to invest in conversational software.

Modern conversational software is very robust. But there’s also a lot of it. For companies to truly leverage the value of conversational marketing, they need to be able to identify the right chat solutions for them, and they need to have the technical understanding to implement it well.

Conversational Marketing Companies

What are some conversational marketing companies or conversational marketing tools? Terminus, Intercom, HubSpot, and Drift are all leading contenders within this space. HubSpot provides a comprehensive conversational marketing guide and operates as a conversational marketing specialist, while Intercom and Drift are both chat software solutions that can be integrated into other systems. Terminus is an all-in-one account-based marketing platform that also provides fully-featured conversational marketing functionality.

If you’re thinking about learning more about conversational marketing, HubSpot is a good first step. HubSpot has guides, tests, lessons, and quizzes, all meant to help individuals learn more about account-based marketing and how it can impact their business. HubSpot also does have conversational marketing tools which are on par with those by Intercom and Drift. You’ll find that the major differences in these solutions will be cost and support. Some conversational marketing solutions are free (for limited use) and others can cost thousands of dollars a month.

Terminus is one of the best options for conversational marketing because it offers many other account-based marketing features as well. With Terminus, you can get an all-in-one marketing solution, including customer relationship management features, analysis, and third-party integrations. But the services offered by both Intercom and Drift are also very popular, and it’s possible to test out demos of each solution to determine which is the best one.

Regardless, conversational marketing is here to stay, and it’s continuously becoming more in-depth and robust. Those who have any type of online presence at all need to consider adding chat into their repertoire.

Conversational Marketing Platform

What is a conversational marketing platform? Conversational marketing platforms can be as limited as simple conversational marketing bots and as complex as entire customer relationship suites. The brands above build entire platforms, not just simple chat tools; there’s a difference.

There are many live chat or AI chat add-ons that can be plugged directly into a website, such as WordPress plug-ins. But that’s not what conversational marketing 2020 trends are about. In 2020, the trend is more toward an entire platform, which will analyze performance, collect user data, and score and identify leads.

Terminus Chat, as an example, will connect to a multitude of other channels, points of engagement, and data, so teams can holistically see how a buyer or customer might be interacting with their brand. It’s that data that is truly critical for better marketing and understanding, as it tells the organization what is and isn’t working about its strategies, and it tells the organization which individuals they should best try to secure.

So, how do you choose a conversational marketing platform? The best conversational platforms will be able to integrate with the solutions that your organization already relies on, while also giving you a smooth chat experience and other account-based marketing features. It’s important to compare multiple marketing platforms to determine the one that will work best for you, while also considering any dependencies the platform might have.

There are many conversational marketing platforms out there. But there are only a few, like Terminus and HubSpot, that are truly popular. Looking up reviews and recommendations can help narrow your search further.

Drift Chatbot

Drift is the main brand behind conversational marketing and the Drift chatbot is extremely advanced. They, and other brands like HubSpot, offer a conversational marketing certification. This can be extremely useful to ensure that you understand the basics of Buzz marketing examples and conversational marketing Drift. Drift has a wealth of documentation available; you can even download the Drift conversational marketing book, take the quizzes, and so forth.

A Drift conversational marketing certification can be useful both for employees and employers, as it ensures that employees understand the newest standards, while also making individual employees more effective at their jobs. While conversational marketing certification is fairly new, it’s also gaining steam very fast, while a HubSpot certification has always been considered as a worthwhile achievement for B2B marketers. The Drift playbook certification and Drift conversational marketing certification answers can be studied by business owners who are interested in just learning more about their own marketing.

During the 2019 state of conversational marketing Drift was one of the leading contenders and the most important conversational marketing companies. It is still a top conversational marketing company, but many competitors have emerged. Along with the Drift popup, there are other systems like Intercom.

What is conversational marketing Drift in 2021? 2021 is going to continue to see more competition and more advances in technology, which can only be good for the marketing industry. But while there are many new conversational marketing tools, businesses need to think about not only the technology but also its longevity and support.

Conversational Marketing Examples

The best method of understanding conversational marketing is to look at some conversational marketing examples, a conversational marketing blueprint, or a conversational marketing book. You can even download a conversational marketing PDF to review. Examples of conversational marketing will tell you not only what conversational marketing is, but how it works and what works best. You can look at the techniques in a conversational marketing book PDF and learn what strategies you should use and what strategies you should avoid.

Some examples of conversational marketing include:

  • Booking a meeting with someone. Through chat, customers are able to book meetings, moving on to the next stage of the buyer’s journey, and sending information about themselves directly to the organization.
  • Taking a look at a knowledge base. A chat can operate as a fully-functional interface between the customer and the organization’s knowledge base, looking up articles that trigger certain keywords and returning them in order of relevance.
  • Providing superior customer support. Many support inquiries can potentially be answered by AI, and chats can always be escalated to a human customer support representative as needed.
  • Extending the company’s brand. Some chats are just fun. Whether the chat is answering questions or just connecting to a booking system, instilling it with personality and intrigue can make it interesting to interact with.
  • Answering commonly asked questions. Where chats really excel is in automation. Conversational marketing can be used to automate some of the most frequently asked questions or frequently requested tasks.

But even so, that’s only a small part of conversational marketing. Conversational marketing is a complex field and it’s constantly growing, even if its appeal is simple and direct. The right conversational marketing partner can help you grow and develop your marketing strategies.

Conversational AI

Why is conversation marketing becoming so important? Because conversational AI is becoming so advanced.

Conversational marketing AI has been in development for a long time. But only in the latter half of the decade has it become advanced enough to really seem like a person. Some AI chatbots are even expressly designed to “fool” people into thinking they’re real people. Before, AI chatbots could be infuriating to deal with because they never understood natural human language. Now they’re advanced enough that they can be effective.

The main opportunity of conversational marketing is to provide information, support, and even entertainment to customers on an automated basis. Customers are able to interact with an AI chat without adding any administrative overhead to the organization itself. And if the individual does end up needing to talk to a real human being, the chat can be easily escalated to someone, with all of the prior information intact; it doesn’t have to entirely replace customer support and service.

There’s a reason why so many companies are switching to conversational marketing. It’s effective. And people have come to expect conversational marketing, from everyone from small businesses to larger enterprises. With the right partner and the right technology, you should be able to find the right conversational marketing platform for you.

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