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Use Terminus Chat to weave in relevant website chat conversations that guide buyers through the entire funnel. Sophisticated targeting and routing allows you to build out your existing ABM strategy to proactively reach out to your top accounts at the right time with the right content.

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Transforming the way companies engage with their prospects and customers, Terminus Website Chat provides a more relevant buyer journey the moment someone lands on your website. Convert more qualified visitors, route leads to your sales team faster, and book more meetings with Terminus Chat.

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Website Chat

Website chat allows site visitors to chat with company representatives just by activating the chat window available on the site. Typically, this window starts out as an icon at one of the lower corners of the screen, and expands when the icon is clicked. Another implementation that is becoming popular has the chat window pop up from the bottom of its own. This is a much more intrusive presentation, but can be useful on sites where prospects are likely to want to chat.

To the site visitor, each online chat application seems pretty much the same. However, the back end capabilities can be quite different from each other. This makes it worthwhile for site operators to look closely at live chat service providers before choosing one.

Some live chat software for website use is set up to support lead generation activities and account-based marketing. Terminus and Drift are two examples of this type of live chat service provider. They offer many options for targeting, keeping track of interactions, and more. Their offerings are aimed mostly at B2B companies, though certain B2C organizations may find them useful, as well.

Other implementations are targeted to meet live chat support needs. Intercom is one of these providers.

Because the needs and goals of each business are different, the best live chat software for websites is not just one offering. Instead, it’s the one that best meets the company’s own requirements. A business that wants to provide support to existing customers will often need a different online chat application from one that wants to draw in new business.

Due to this factor, it’s important to take the time to really look at the options instead of just going with whoever promises to get you running with “online chat now.” This will ensure that you won’t have to change your website software just months after you installed it.

Website chat is an application embedded into your website that lets customers and site visitors chat with someone from your business. Website chat can be handled by artificial intelligence, an outsourced worker, or someone from your internal team.

Some paid or free live chat software options combine all of these features. The site visitor starts by asking basic questions such as when your store is open, and artificial intelligence embedded in the paid or free live chat app provides answers. As the questions get more complicated, the best free live chat app passes the conversation to an outsourced worker who has been trained to answer questions for your company. Then, they have the option to send the site visitor to someone who works internally with your company.

The best live chat apps free offer a range of different features, and they are often designed to work with specific types of websites such as the WordPress live chat plugin free which works best with sites made with WordPress software.

If you just want basic functionality with your website chat, you should check out the different companies that offer a live chat app free download. Companies that offer live chat service free include Chaport, EngageBay, Live Agent, Smartsupp, and Tidio. All of these companies offer a live chat website plugin free, and in addition to the pop up chat box for website free, you get additional features such as the ability to chat on social media accounts, appointment scheduling, and help desk tickets.

Keep in mind that the companies that offer a free live chat app for website offer different features, and aside from EngageBay which is always free, they also all offer paid options that allow you to get more features than you can get from their live chat on website free packages.

Live Chat App

Besides the basic ability to chat in a live chat app, these applications offer a range of different features. They can often be customized to reflect your brand image. They can accept offline messages and alert your team members when an offline message is waiting for an answer.

Some live chat apps can also facilitate communication through other methods. For instance, a free video chat app lets site visitors have a face-to-face conversation through a free live video call app with someone from your company. There are also applications that can facilitate a voice call with a free live chat on phone. Don’t forget text — a free SMS chat lets site visitors talk with someone from your company over text messaging.

There are chat tools that can facilitate chats in multiple languages, but there are also chat options that focus on specific countries such as the free live chat app in India. The best free live chat apps in India can help your business expand into this market or thrive in this market if you already have a presence.

Finally, chat apps aren’t just for website visitors on computers or tablets. They can also work on phones. The best free live chat apps for Android and iPhone let site visitors chat with your team from wherever they have phone service.

Live Chat On Website

People who want to add live chat on website have lots of different options. As explained above, you can get chat msg abilities for free through options like the Tidio live chat and JivoChat, but if you want advanced features you typically need to select a paid option. Companies like Pure Chat don’t even offer a free version because they want to ensure their clients get all the features they need.

As you look at different options, make sure that you are researching companies that are still in existence. For instance, the Jet live chat app download was gaining popularity in the chat-o-sphere for a while, but at the time of writing, the developer did not even have an updated website.

To give you an idea of the potential offered by live chat options, you should check out the HubSpot chatbot. The HubSpot live chat software lets you start creating a chatbot for free, and you don’t need to understand coding to create a live chat HubSpot or to figure out how to add HubSpot live chat to website.

The HubSpot live chat API lets you program the system to answer basic questions to customers on its own, and then, you can route the chat to the correct person on your team when a site visitor needs HubSpot live chat support. Whether you’re using the HubSpot live chat WordPress or any other site -building software, the HubSpot chat tool keeps a record of your conversation. It also lets you add in notes or send emails right from the app, and you can also sync your chat information with HubSpot’s free customer relationship management (CRM) tools. This is one of the many reasons that most HubSpot live chat review articles tend to be positive.

Best Live Chat App

One of the best live chat app options is Terminus Chat. Terminus is the only one of the live chat service providers that offers a hybrid chatbot solution that lets you create a linear or visual customer experience. Considered the best live chat plugin for WordPress by many site owners, Terminus helps you create a top-end, extremely effective customer experience.

In addition to chat integration in website, you can also use Terminus to facilitate chat from your ads, emails, and social media accounts. Basically, any marketing touchpoint you use can be connected to the Terminus text chat software so that customers can instantly and easily engage with someone from your team in a single click.

As you investigate other chat software examples, you will see that they don’t offer all the features you can get with Terminus. This website chat software developer also provides you with custom reports that show you the value of chat for your company and help you refine the chat to make it even more effective.

Additionally, Terminus’s online chat apps can sync with Google Analytics, Salesforce, Outreach, Marketo, SalesLoft, Calendly, and other programs. This allows you to connect the chat to your CRM tools, sales engagement platforms, scheduling software, site analysis tools, and more, helping to streamline operations.

With Terminus, you get the power to reach out to leads proactively, nurture leads more effectively, and respond to clients’ needs more efficiently. However, Terminus isn’t just about chatting — this powerful tool also helps you to collect information about your site visitors, automate elements of the sales process, qualify leads, build account lists, and run well-orchestrated sales campaigns.

Best Live Chat Software

The best live chat software gives you the ability to improve sales, marketing, and customer relationship management in a range of ways. A live chat service can help any company improve their customer service, while also saving time for their employees. For example, rather than calling your store to see when you are open, a customer can simply ask the chatbot on your website. However, the best live chat options also facilitate conversations that are much more advanced. A customer may be able to ask questions about products, initiate returns, schedule appointments, and more.

Your business doesn’t even have to be open for this to happen. With 24/7 live chat support, your customers can get answers to their questions or help with their concerns at any time of the day or night. If you have employees providing extra live chat support, you can note on your site when they are available for issues that cannot be handled through artificial intelligence in the online message chat.

Beyond live chat customer support, chat can also help with the sales process. Someone who visits your site can buy products right from the chat window. Imagine you have a website full of refrigerator parts, and a site visitor has a question about which part they need. Your chatbot answers the question and gives them a link to buy the product. With more complicated sales pitches, you can connect the customer to an actual sales rep from your company.

Then, depending on the type of chat software you’re using, the sales rep can change the chat to text message, phone, or video call if needed. Live chat text message can be especially helpful for continuing the conversation with someone who’s going into an area with no internet access but can still use their chat service text.

Live Chat Software For Website

Now you have a sense of how live chat software for website can help with customer service and sales, but live chat software can also be leveraged for a variety of other applications.

In particular, a chat widget for website can help you qualify leads. Every person who visits your website has the potential to be a lead, but they are not all quality leads. They may not be able to afford your product, they may not need your product, or they may have other issues that make them a poor lead.

A live chat website plugin can ask questions to site visitors that determine if they are high quality leads. Then, the live chat web app can ask potential leads for contact information, and the application can pass the lead’s information to your sales team. Qualifying leads automatically saves time for your team and ultimately makes the sales process more effective.

As explained early, when you choose a US live chat app, you can opt for something embedded in your website, but you may also want a tool that can convert webchat to text or move conversations to phone or video. Website chat to text and similar services also work on mobile devices such as the live chat app for Android and iPhone.

Live Chat Software

There are many providers of live chat software. Along with Terminus, Drift, and Intercom, mentioned above, you’ll see Olark, Pure Chat, and Tidio. Others also exist.

Many of these are very similar to each other. Those meant for larger companies typically work with other types of software, such as account based marketing systems or more generalized lead generation platforms. This interconnectivity makes it so that you can use the larger platform’s abilities to target accounts, keep track of communications across channels, and track a prospect’s progress through your sales funnel.

We will use Pure Chat as an example that offers many of the standard features. PureChat pricing makes it easy for new businesses to get chat on their sites, with only a low annual fee and a reasonable fee for extra users. Notably, however, one must pay quite a bit more to get this company’s branding off of its chat window.

As with most other chat app companies, you can get a Pure Chat login free for 30 days. This gives you a good chance to test the Pure Chat app and see if it will work for you. You can also look up Pure Chat reviews.

Of course, it’s easy to contact Pure Chat support. There is a Pure Chat widget on their site, so use it to get immediate help – and to see what their app is like from the customer side. Other live chat software companies also show off their products the same way, so be sure to do the same with the Tidio live chat offering as well as Olark.

One difference between Pure Chat and the others is that it is aimed at smaller companies, while its larger competitors are more robust “enterprise” grade options. This is reflected in the pricing, and you can expect functionality differences, as well. Contact Pure Chat for more information.

Best Live Chat

When considering adding chat to your website, it’s a good idea to look at other sites first. You will often see that the best live chat implementations involve more than just stuffing a chat widget onto every single page. This makes it so that chat is only present on pages where customers and prospects are likely to want to use it. Then, the shopping experience is not interfered with by unwanted invitations to chat, but the option is available when it’s actually needed.

This is an especially good strategy for online chat support implementations. For example, live chat support Amazon can be found on the company’s support pages. The same is true of live chat support Facebook and live chat support PlayStation.

That said, it is possible to make an online chat option too low-key and hard to find. Live chat support Apple is a good example of this. You have to drill down through several support pages to even see that the option exists. If you want customers to use your chat feature, it should be a bit more obvious than this.

To see online chat Amazon or any of these other implementations, just visit the sites and click the “support” links. Then, you’ll get a real-time look at how they’ve set up chat and other contact options.

Notably, some of these companies would normally run 24 7 live chat support, but have reduced staffing levels at this time. Plan to have chat available whenever your customers are likely to want to get help.

Online Chat Apps

There are several big differences between business-oriented website chat services and online chat apps like WhatsApp. One is that website chat is, as you’d expect, tied to your website. The only people who can represent your company are those that actually run or work for it. Meanwhile, online chat apps like Facebook Messenger are typically tied to individuals, who use them for online friends chat.

The best live chat apps also offer far more features. You can track users through your site, decide which ones to target, keep track of interactions, and more. These apps also integrate with account-based marketing platforms to give you even more powerful insights into your customer or prospect. Since personal chat apps aren’t built for business, they offer few or none of these capabilities.

Group chat apps like World Chat Online have the same limitations as the ones meant for private individuals. It’s harder for users to verify who they’re talking to, and on the backend, tracking is nowhere near as powerful as it is with business-oriented chat platforms.

Because of this, it’s worth it to invest in a “real” enterprise-oriented website chat system. A random chat app or one meant for private online chatting groups may be free, but it won’t serve many of your needs. Your company is far better served by the robust tracking, conversation recording, and data collection abilities of a business-oriented chat platform.

Chat Widget for Website

A chat widget for website has less functionality than the live chat website plugin that comes with a B2B chat platform. However, this doesn’t mean that a chat widget should always be avoided. In fact, there are times that the widget system will be the better option.

Widgets are especially good for companies that aren’t in control of their entire website ecosystem. Those who run their sites through platforms like Wix and Squarespace are good examples of these businesses. While they have their own websites, the way those sites are set up is mostly under the control of the overall platform.

In these cases, the business doesn’t have full access to the backend – or nuts-and-bolts – of the site. This makes it so that a live chat widget may be the only way to get chat onto the website. To do this, one need only add the chat widget HTML to the proper area in the site editor.

There are a few options that may qualify as the best live chat for Squarespace. Many swear by the WhatsApp chat widget for website. While this is sometimes referred to as a chat room widget for website, a business-oriented implementation is almost never a room-like system where multiple people talk at once. Instead, it should be a widget for one-on-one conversations.

If you have full control over your website, as is traditional, your options for website chat expand greatly. In that case, we suggest moving to a live chat website plugin that is connected to a robust, enterprise-grade system as soon as your budget allows.

Free Live Chat Software

When looking for software, almost everyone seeks free versions before they go for a paid one. Often, this is either fruitless or yields only vastly inferior options. However, there are some free live chat software options that are worth looking at. The most notable of these is the free HubSpot live chat. This is offered as a way to bring more users to HubSpot, and hopefully, get them to use the entire HubSpot platform.

Other free options include Elfsight. Currently, it lists no charge at any time for its pop up chat box for website free, so it isn’t just a trial version. However, it has limited functionality. Users cannot send pictures, and it doesn’t support audio. Importantly, it is actually a front-end skin that is powered by Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or another such personal chat software that you choose. This means that this live chat service free won’t have the tracking and recordkeeping abilities of paid versions.

Because of these limitations, those who choose a WordPress live chat plugin free will likely want to upgrade in the future. However, free versions are great for brand-new, one-person businesses that need to get off the ground before large investments are made. They allow these startups to offer live chat support free right away.

Once a business has grown, it will surely see the need to move beyond even the best free live chat software. Then, one of the several paid options will be ready to meet their needs.