Account-Based Chat Inspiration: 7 Examples to Help Get You Started

You already have strong website traffic, killer content, and a kick a** product. 

But what happens when your visitors make their way to your website? Are they receiving a personalized experience? Is it up to them to find the pieces of content that are most relevant to them on their own? Are you depending on them to fill out a form? 

The B2B buying experience has changed drastically over the last few years. Buyers want personalized experiences at scale, an easy way to engage with your company, and they definitely don’t want to play the waiting game that comes with filling out a form. 

That’s where Terminus Chat comes in. Let’s dive into 7 examples of how you can use an account-based chatbot to create a better experience for your most important audiences visiting your website.

Account-Based Marketing or Personalization

Identify your top accounts through our Visitor ID functionality and layer in tokens to personalize your chatbot. This will allow you to uncover the identity of your visitors (name, email, phone, company) which in turn will allow you to create a unique and personalized experience for your visitor by applying either their name or company within your chat experiences.

Account-Based Marketing Chat Example gif

Chat from AnywhereTM

Ok, time for a quick recap: Chat from AnywhereTM is a patent-pending technology that allows you to meet buyers at the moment of interest in real-time from anywhere online.

But really, what does that mean? Well it means that you can put a custom URL on LinkedIn, Email, Landing Pages, Advertising, and Marketing Collateral–to name a few–and instantly be connected with someone. 

Here is a quick example of how your sales reps can start conversations from a prospecting email.

Chat From Anywhere Example gif

Booking a Meeting

The purpose of chat is to connect your top accounts to a person as seamlessly and easily as possible. Forms are a thing of the past. Prospects are now able to engage with their designated company representative at a click of a button. This enables web visitors to quickly get all of their questions answered and easily schedule meetings.

Booking a meeting Chat Example gif

Content Hub or Library

Your chat experience can be like the smell of a new book. Music to your nose… I think that’s the saying right? Nah, but you know what I mean. By leveraging chat correctly you can create an immersive content experience for your buyer by leading them to the exact pages that they came to your website for. Additionally, this is an opportunity to expose your visitors to something that they may not have discovered on their own. Your chatbot is their oyster.

Using chat as a content hub Chat Example gif

Customer Support

For customers, your chatbot can be a home base to access key resources for their success, such as an academy, knowledgebase, customer resources, a place to submit support tickets, or even connect with a member of your success team. By providing links to customer resources in an easy to access format, you are able to eliminate the middleman and cut down the time to value for your customers to get the answers they need to be successful.

Using chat for Customer Support chat gif

Educational Resource

Your chatbot can be a great educational resource for both your prospects and customers. A lot of us work for complex companies that may be intimidating for prospects upon first discovery. By providing educational resources through your chat experience, you can ease the tension for buyers that are not quite ready to engage with a human yet. This is an opportunity to expose prospects to key features that they may not have discovered on their own had there been no chat experience. 

Using chat to education prospects chat gif

A Fun Personality

Have some fun! Here at Terminus, we pride ourselves on making our chatbot a fun and exciting experience for our web visitors. There’s no room to be dull in the chat game. How will your brand stand out from the other brands your audience is interacting with?

Using chat for comedic relief chat gif

Ready To Get Started?

All in all, account-based chat is meant to be a new, personalized, and fun experience for important accounts visiting your website. Discover how you can jump-start your website engagement by clicking here to instantly be connected with a Terminus Specialist. See what I did there? 😉 Chat From Anywhere at its finest!