Your New Favorite Terminus Feature: Account-Based Chat Analytics

After the news hit in April that Terminus had acquired Ramble (now Terminus Chat), Terminus became the first account-based marketing platform to offer native chat. Unlike other ABM, Chat, or Conversational Marketing products that rely on integrations, Terminus Chat delivers a consistent experience, via one platform, to help marketers pursue account-centric revenue growth.

Terminus Chat extends the capabilities of any account-based marketing program, connecting contacts from target accounts directly to the assigned sales representative in real-time and delivers new methods of website personalization and engagement. Simply put, Terminus Chat is a practical and inexpensive addition to any ABM strategy looking to impact their sales funnel for this quarter.

All of that to say, the first three months post acquisition have shown record growth for Terminus Chat with an awesome reaction from the customer base. Both organizations are fully integrated and (as you may have seen from the July Product Release) Terminus Chat is now integrated within the Terminus Engagement Hub.

What Does This Mean for Terminus Customers?

Product adoption has been tremendous. As one customer put it, “Having used another chat solution previously, we’ve found Terminus Chat to be foundational to our ABM strategy, rather than tacked on. We’re excited about having a single solution for our entire engagement strategy.” Here’s how it also brings value to customers:

  1. Smart tech stack consolidation and cost savings
  2. Improved Sales capabilities to drive more meetings and revenue with target accounts
  3. One log-in, one CSM, one QBR – not a full calendar of vendor meetings
  4. Cohesive Demand Generation and ABM Execution
  5. Exponential Impact to engaging, chatting, and converting target accounts

Target accounts and segments flow automatically into Chat from the Terminus Hub, meaning that visitors are met with personalized greetings and chats are automatically routed to the appropriate sales development rep or account executive (this includes mobile and desktop). Chat Views help sales and marketing easily identify qualified inbound leads and real-time sales conversations on the website with target accounts. Terminus’ Chat from Anywhere™ technology means that teams can launch a chat experience from any digital experience – LinkedIn, ads, emails, social posts and sales proposals. Prospects and customers are now connected in real-time with the right team member from anywhere online!

Introducing: Chat Analytics

We get the best ideas from our customers and Chat Analytics is no exception. After months of customer feedback, market analysis, and analyzing best practices, we have released our brand new Chat Analytics feature. It’s useful for any stage of a teams’ revenue funnel, from demand generation to account-based experiences to customer marketing.

In addition to what’s available in the Terminus Measurement Studio, it’s critical that we provide relevant metrics to our users. This includes reporting and analytics by channel and point of engagement (such as chat). Not only that, these metrics also flow back into the Measurement Studio to provide a holistic picture of ABM measurement and attribution.

Chat Analytics features a comprehensive out-of-the box view that includes 51 unique reports designed to help marketing and sales drive the most impact with their conversational marketing. Here’s how Chat Analytics will bring value for all stages of full funnel account-based marketing:

  • Lead, account and chat volume metrics
  • Target account chat volume and engagement
  • Chatbot playbook analysis and optimization
  • Qualified conversation insights
  • Website visitor insights and de-anonymization
  • Attribution and rep response rate

So there you have it! We’re beyond excited to bring Terminus users this new feature and we’re hard at work to provide even more in the future. Our modus operandi – give customers what they want! We’re on a mission to deliver a single, all-encompassing platform to revenue teams who want to drive efficient and predictable growth through account-based practices. And Terminus Chat is a huge part of that.

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